friday night running, to sunday on my knees

Hello. It's the weekend and I am happy.

I am happy because I get to meet friends and listen to nice, folksy, guitar chords and popular music over cheap beer or whatever gets you going.

It occurs to me that I have a newfound love for sugar (which is bad considering diabetes runs in the family)... I've never liked sugar in main courses though, neither lard, nor anything jelly like or fatty in nature, nor too much salt. But the amount of desserts I've been consuming lately has been enough to provide me with enough sugar-induced adrenaline and calorie rush to keep me burning through the night.

And I've been thinking a bit that all my messages have been all rather sugary and chocolate factory like. Like you know hope, eventually, one day, wow, we should all keep our heads up and do the right thing. Which is strange because sometimes I feel I could easily dismiss the world in all hopelessness, but I guess it's precisely that which lets me laugh at it, and maintain a certain bit of good humour.

That's all easy to say, but when you're on long plane/train rides with shit all to think about you can really be very hard on yourself, even when you're looking at the scenery, or lack thereof, outside. At that to slightly higher levels of cosmic radiation or lack of oxygen or simply cramped seating conditions and you have a recipe for extreme grumpiness. That's why it's really good to listen to the same few chords with a bunch of friends who remind you that you're in one piece after all.

Sugar forever!

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