Another thing

I've settled most of my admin and caught up on reading the past few day's newspapers. I notice the media's new obsession is "finding" stunning new revelations on people's blogs and telling us "see this is what s'poreans are."

I don't know how right it is, but I did read sarongpartygirl.blogspot.com and I think it's an excellent piece of writing. It's a shame the spotlight turned to the pictures which frankly aren't that objectionable. No it doesn't deserve to be "Singapore's best blog" or some other perfunctory title like that, but I like it because it is honest, refreshing and original, and serves a niche audience. No matter if you disagree with the morality of the entire thing let us be aware that this is someone who has, through her writing at least, reasoned reasonably well and although we may not lead the same lifestyles she was never trying to convert anyone.

I guess blogs are dangerous because they can show you the real variety of life people lead, and how well they write, without the hassle of finding a publisher to affirm your talents or your supposed popularity. I sometimes have a problem with overtly exhibitionistic people until I tell myself that, I guess, each person takes their own pride, whether in being a good person or being a succesful one or simply a hot, sexy one, and after watching peacocks display their feathers in a garden, you have to accept that sometimes the world plays by such rules.

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