10 years of that life should suffice to turn Cinderella into a junkie

"je vais vous raconter l'histoire d'une petite qui s'est un peu laiss�e aller sur ses contes de f�es."

"i'm going to tell you a story of a little girl who let herself go a little bit too far in her fairy tales."

rock is a bit pass� now no, considering maybe we've all supposed to have grown out of adolesence and the worldly emotions which rock & roll brings to us... and having been to that cd shop yesterday i realise lounge and really nice chill out music is what people listen too nowadays. i must admit i also do listen to a lot of rubbish, and can afford to browse more sections of the cd stores nowdays.

anyway it's the summer solstice, yay, not like it matters, when the days are long and the nights are short. it's midsummer, and yes it was bloody goddamn hot when i was out with michelle last night and it's a time for dreams and pixies and assorted Shakespearan rubbish. but honestly, i do feel i've been a little more creative over the past few days and i hope it keeps up and maybe i can finally do something. It's also the French music festival in France and they brought a bit over here to the Alliance.

Yes... anyway the phrase at the top was used by the French rock band T�l�phone to introduce their song, Cendrillon or Cinderella as we love to call her.

Well you know rock always had that edginess with it, to push the envelope and everything, and well, perhaps i don't fit the best description of the lifestyle but i've always loved rock because occasionally it tells a moral tale or two, even when the frontman of some band overdoses on drugs. always lessons to be learnt.

i've taken the liberty to translate it to english.

Cendrillion (Cinderella)

Cendrillon pour ses vingt ans (Cinderella, for 20 years)
est la plus jolie des enfants (was the loveliest of all the kids)
Son bel amant, le prince charmant (Her handsome lover, the Prince Charming)
La prend sur son cheval blanc (Took her on his gallant steed)
Elle oublie le temps (She lost all track of time)
Dans son palais d'argent (In her palace of silver)
Pour ne pas voir qu'un nouveau jour se l�ve (And so she'd not wake to a new day)
Elle ferme les yeux, et dans ses r�ves (She'd close her eyes, and in her dreams)
Elle part, jolie petite histoire (She left, what a nice little story)

Cendrillon, pour ses trente ans (Cinderella, now 30)
est la plus triste des mamans (is the saddest of all the mommies)
Son bel amant, a foutu l'camp (Her handsome lover, has now gone missing)
Avec la belle au bois dormant (with young little Sleeping Beauty)
Loin d'elle emmener ses enfants (Far from her, her kids were taken)
Elle commence � boire (She started to drink)
A tra�ner dans le bars (Trailing through the bars)
Emmitoufl�e dans son cafard (Wrapped in her shitty misery)

Maintenant elle fait le trottoir (Now she walks the streets for men)
Elle part, jolie petite histoire (And she leaves, what a nice little story)

Dix ans de cette vie ont suffit (10 years of that life should suffice)
A la changer en junkie (To change her into a junkie)
Et dans un sommeil infini (And in an infinite sleep)
Cendrillon voit finir sa vie (Cinderella would end her life)
Les lumi�res dansent (The lights dance about)
Dans son ambulance (In the ambulance)
Mais elle tue sa derni
�re chance (But she killed her last chance)
Tout �a n'a plus d'importance (And all that's not important now)
Elle part (She leaves)
Fin de l'histoire (End of story)

Notre p�re qui �tes si vieux (Our father, who's really old)
As-tu vraiment fait de ton mieux (you've really done your best?)
Car sur la terre et dans les cieux (but on this earth and in the skies)
Tes anges n'aiment pas devenir vieux (your angels never loved growing old)

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