felony! same here!

haha. last friday night before pub-hopping, a friend remarked that "it would be nice" if he could take back this avant-garde penguin statue donated by an alumni outside our library (which complements the elephant opposite it, but no one seems to like elephants much). a few beers later and later at night the penguin disappeared. it does take incredible ingenuity to cart a penguin statue weighing that of few people back unmolested in the middle of the night.

on tuesday, the college paper went "where is our penguin", and was flooded with concerned letters from passionate students concerned about the theft of a school symbol. the penguin was promptly returned after realising how much it meant to the community, and to be fair to the school community, no one was charged for penguin theft because they all knew it was just for fun. you see, we can all do with a bit of disruption, no? it's fun.

they didn't display the penguin again though, because it really says "steal me" on its forehead, so i think they put it away in some collection now where it'll be safe from the prying hands.

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