new year

5 days into the new year and i finally realize it's 2006... as if the projection lightshows and fireworks at the london eye and thousands of inebriated revellers didn't serve to remind me... and jumping up and down to flashing numbers turning from 49 to 0 and jumping up and down as the big ben tolled and turning round to grab anyone who cared...

london decided to stop raining and keep its promise to the weather forrcasters. elsewhere, 3 guys are in a room playing poker on yahoo games because they're too lazy to shuffle cards and give out chips. statistics questions on monopoly lead me to believe that i would offer you the green monopoly for the red one (or even the orange).

so i hope you had a good break. i thought i did, been to a couple of places, saw snow (and snowstorms), snowboard a bit, but now i'm in my quiet hall having to think of what to cook for dinner and with my books. thinking i should have returned to singapore for some creaturely comforts and where people are at the very least a (cheap) taxi ride away, if not making noise in the next room. but one thing binds urban communities everywhere, outrage at the raising of public transport prices. price raises. something more new year than resolutions.

i made mine before i came to london so don't force me!

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