school's starting in about 2 days... my thoughts have wandered from revision to africa especially as i re-read arguments on how geography matters.

let's pick a country. chad. i am captivated by how it looks on the map. can it be that all of that is desert? what could it possibly grow? how does it bring its things to market? the number of landlocked countries in africa is amazing. take niger, mali, chad, burkina faso, and the central african republic. with that land area we could make a new continent, but they're in the middle of the sahara with little access to water. zaire is effectively landlocked but for a tiny strip of land giving it access to the pacific, and so is ethiopia now that eritrea is on its own.


some of the photos are amazing... captivating.

ouagadougou. doesn't that have a ring to it? entebbe, lilongwe. tantalizingly 1 klm flight away for around 450 pounds with taxes. "africa promotion" (no really they have good deals to insane places you never though about. except dakar, senegal, surprisingly, which would cost me 3,680 pounds according to the calculator) what is in kisangani, zaire? how many hours of sitting on a boat on the congo gets you there? is it the heart of darkness? when is the next africa documentary showing?

it's the myth to it. makes you want to go there because you can. 4x4 on the paris-dakar rally. mmm. they should never let me near atlases again.

for a really specific blog, try leavingsouthafrica.blogspot.com
focuses on high-security architecture.

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