jesse vs his week, round 3 (best of 10), with easter as tiebreaker

i entered monday... and i knew something, and i needed to challenge it

"go on week! prove me wrong! tell me it's going to be a good week"

i had this checklist thing of things that needed to go right and get done. things i would really like but i would really need to depend on luck for.

for example, i lent my ec. history notes to someone, and i promptly lost them when they got returned, so i ended up having to borrow them from the person i lent them to (whoa man.) so, does god like me part one. did you find your notes in the lost & found?

score: 0. no. the notes were not found. there's a sparkle of hope that the library hasn't turned over their stuff to school lost and found. but basically i think it's better if i photocopy them

jesse. your hair is very long. ok, something within my control. hair cut. score 1. solving most of stats tutorial, score 2. finding alternative accomodation went badly at first. my first choice was busy, so i had to stay over at another place (rosebery). so score 2.5 but rosebery was really fun. the table soccer and pool's free, and i won both. there was free vodka with peach and lemonade too, and more drinking games (thumbmaster anyone?) soundproofed room, me talking rubbish, and all the cool old r&b songs that i have now downloaded. 3.5. go on... 3.5 to go, then it'll be 1 good thing for each day of the week. and hopefully i'll have good roommates for next year... especially as we're all headlong into searching for where to stay next year. good future prospects... rack em up. easter in provence. jealous yet?

got into amartya sen's public lecture. 4.5 started talking about viennese circle philosophy, philosophy of welfare economics etc, talking about all the famous people he knew. i wish though, that i was in the enviable position of my friend sonia, who had some "personal alone time" with this nobel prize winner, and thought she was very funny (well she is) because she said "my grandmother watched lion king, and thought it was weird... too many animals." cue laughter from nobel winner. so she thinks she's really funny now.

chinese new year dinner. phone call back home. coming back to my room and seeing lots of cookies on top of my minimum likelihood estimators notes (i wonder who put them there.) in any case, i probably will acquiesce and allow myself to be fed like a goose being prepared for cruel butchering into pate de foie gras. by the way, janet seidel has a beautiful jazz album out. i still have grievances to bring to the indonesian embassy, uncertainty about summer plans, the dreary job of photocopying notes, general sense of failure (whoa whoa whoa), ok scratch that one out, but i thought it was a good week. well done week. i mean it would be great if god would give me everything i wanted "please god please you know i really want..." and i'll try to settle the things that i have to do without too much procastinating. so god, please... next week, ok? (oh yes, at least he had the largesse to introduce me to "zhng my car" and let me laugh a bit too).

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