my play

"talk is free. want to do other kind of lup sup thing, must pay money."

talk to me. i know... i owe everyone a play.

i love my break... i'm taking a break from all forms of studying for the early part of this week... just letting my imagination run wild... and i'm enjoying it... i guess in a way i know i'll probably join the ranks in driving myself psychotic over examinations in a few weeks, so i'm taking this chance to wind down a little.

had our last maths lecture: another witty quote

"i hope you enjoyed it half as much as i did, i enjoyed it twice as much as you did."

how apt! for a maths lecture.

and dr leunig wrote a poem about immigration, a parody of ellis island's famous inscription... give us your poor your huddled masses...

haha. high and happy. ronaldinho scored... soccer is so... beautiful.

messi messes mith mourinho's multi-million mass of megalomaniacs.

ronaldinho runs rings round robben

barcelona bursts blue bubble.

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