you have one hour

i am trying to digest the rest of my fish and chips but already the appetite fails. it failed this afternoon and it is failing again now. there's a knot in my stomach which prevents me from really enjoying anything i eat today. i hope it's just the "bus lag".

took another 10 hour bus ride back from paris. the france + amsterdam trip was full of exciting details, not least the strikes in france and the nightlife in amsterdam. i went through it mostly guilt free and enjoying myself and relishing the opportunity to speak french. i am quite used to backpacking i must say so i don't get the major kick i used too. i still enjoy seeing the little places and the random conversations. the weirdest people approach you, or are willing to talk, if you can converse in their language. i guess that's why i want to learn more of those.

to tell you the truth, i don't know if i can write down all the little interesting details of the trip now. i spent the afternoon wading in application forms and things that i have put off till "after the trip". "all these little plans and schemes." i thought it'd take me the night at least but now there's the dreadful realisation that i'm going to have to sit down, take out my books and study. i don't really hate that. to be honest i think i've been easy on myself when it comes to exams. but i honestly hope it won't be too bad. i hope everyone emerges from their shell from time to time (myself included), so it doesn't feel like one big exercise preparing for war. alex is not here, i am stranded without my dvds, and i'm not even sure who's in hall or who's in the library. what if everyone stays off msn. i hope it's just post-trip depression. it did take a lot of energy out of me (speaking french no less!)

i hope to find time to put up photos.

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