aku memang pencinta wanita!

had one of the most funnest days today. i was just reading blogs in the office yesterday and felt pretty down because it reminded me of all the issues i had to worry about.

today, we went up to sentul and gunung pancar for some fresh air. i ended up doing the spa thing and having a massage + body scrub and hot spring. then went poking around the pine forest for a bit.

went for karaoke as well, and i now have a repertoire of indo songs okay! see:

the chorus lyrics, especially cute:

aku memang pencinta wanita (i like girls)
namun ku bukan buaya (but i'm not a buaya)
yg setia pada seribu gadis (loyal to a 1000 girls)
ku hanya mencintai dia (i only love her)

and i agree with the youtube comments, the girl in red is damn hot. go irwansyah!

i also sang the duet!


i'm going to post new songs everyday! new hobby!

naff: i just like the pretty girl

tompi: jazzier vibe

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