my mac

there are many things my mac is proud of when it comes to work. colleagues gasp in awe when they see how nicely even powerpoint graphics are rendered on my computer vs theirs. also, when i transfer files and eject thumb drives with intuitive use of spotlight and finder in a few seconds.

unfortunately, my laptop faces compatibility problems with lotus notes and access to the IE secure server (which I am sure would be solved if I had a token), but then again there are probably other applications i would like to use for business purposes which do not work on a mac too. if my work consists solely of pdfs and presentations then a mac wins hands down for document handling and quality, and the formatting changes aren't too bad. it's when you venture onto exotic business application territory that the mac starts to infuriate.

so i guess i need a conventional laptop. i haven't tried vista out yet but i wonder if i can get used to windows again.

that said, my colleague does great graphics and seems really good at condensing huge chunks of text into very appealing visuals. "in ac nielsen, we used to do 200 charts a day". i've always been a lister and i'm trying to work on my infographic skills now.

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