i walked out to the call of the adhan today, and it seemed everything fell together. i started thinking today, and i got ideas for papers, which were reviewed by the time i got back from work. i succesfully concluded my tenancy and the landlord managed to find things to return to me. i finally got down to work on the presentation.

i walked across the rocky road out of my place and went to get rice. you don't need to order many dishes when you have such wicked chilli. there's a lot of thinking, a lot of thinking about what i like about this country, what could and should change, but it's all up to them isn't it, what they want to keep and what they shouldn't.

i saw the children in madrasahs on cnn waving back and forth while reciting the koran. call it brainwashing, i just found it a very interesting sight because they seemed genuinely happy to recite it.

well, let us hope everything still remains in place when my results are out next week.

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