5th July 2005

I ran into Isis again today and it turns out she's taking French on the same day as I am... and talking with her about the travails of being young in China... pretty interesting, and of course I really would love to work or study in China one day, if only to be insanely stressed, have a shitty small flat for moderate amounts of money. But they do have a good sense of humour, so we'll see.

I did post some of my thoughts on china on the class blog... It probably has one of the most brilliant high school systems anywhere (well if you want a qualifier, for science and mathematics), and considering the number of people they manage to put through a high school education it's fantastic... of course when it comes to the "gao kao" they're all so freaking stressed and probably share the same unenviable stress we complain about for all our exams.

I wanted to post something about language and how it's learnt, and comment a bit about education systems... guess not, a bit dry huh.

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