Beauty 101 : Things of beauty; what a beaut

I think I am a dork when it comes to appreciating things of beauty (note, not beauty per se, but things which possess beauty), and so I will post the beautiful things I saw today.

1. The Victoria falls... the left is an aerial view of the Zambezi river plunging into a gorge... it's probably the most magnificent curtain of falls in the world, (it is the longest). BBC has recently been turning its focus towards Africa (what with live 8 and all)... and when they showed the falls my first thought was "what the fuck, I have to go there". Not to mention the skies seem to be perpetually blue and giraffes are frolicking and co-existing happily with antelopes and deer. All you need is the rainbow from the waterfall. Africa may not have progressed much from the days of Livingstone, and maybe it's unfair that the only thing we'll ever appreciate Africa for is its natural beauty. Well, god certainly gave it some natural beauty, now if only they had good sanitation, clean governments and a cure for aids.

2. Pair of swans, white. They come in black too but I saw these 2 when I was running with Debi in the botanic gardens. I'm quite sure they weren't the only swans in the pond (it's not fair to give them one pond!), but I'm sure the rest were not so vain and decided to hide in the bushes, and only stupid proud swans that are white as bleach would want to swim around displaying themselves to no one in particular.

3. The Pic du Midi, in the Pyr�n�es. More blue skies, and, as the travel brochure says , "you can catch the glint of the first rays of light slowly illuminating peak by peak during sunrise," "the melange of the sky and the sea on a clear day, when you can see all the way to Zaragoza in Spain, and even the lights on a clear night"" (translated). Can you imagine the sunrise here? What the hell.

All in all, rather impermanent stuff. Kind of like seeing the view at Sapa, you have to come back another time or you won't get it.


jacuzzi jo said...

I guess the eternal God allows us moments in time to, through the unspeakable beauty of places on earth, realise that the His glory is all over the place, and that it's written on our hearts.

Jesse said...

yes He is nice like that