happy halloween!

candy (why do hk girls have such cutesy names?) on left, my partner for fright night '05.
oh yes, just like candy lo!

lse sing banksiders '05. cute bunch.

some old picture of canary wharf. just put it on to illustrate how they always leave the lights on here.

yeah... so it's saturday, and i was doing my maths tutorial (i'm a week ahead now). played with maple for a while seeing all these graphs and thought. hell, it's halloween tonight, and i'm going out. my addiction to camden then saw me visiting there to buy all sorts of cute stuff. 1.50 pound pitchfork, luminous hair gel, chokers, bracers. these made-for-punks things are really lovely (nothing too expensive though). i saw this matrix t-shirt where there was a screen on the friggin tee and it gave out luminous scrolling characters just like in the matrix. 65 quid, so it was one of those i didn't get (so bloody expensive) god. it was so addictive, i bought so many of these utterly useless things to remind myself i was a kid. my friend bought a "he-man masters of the universe sword" which wasn't a he-man sword but it was laughable because it had fake red-ink bubbly blood inside. 1.99!

it was fun because i thought we needed some fun in the party. but it was just enjoyable walking around with girls and hearing them scream... hilarious. like weird people would come out of nowhere in the dark hallways of the lse (it is quite mortifying at night!), and i'd prod them with my pitchfork. candy, to her credit, tried following the storyline as had more fun trying to make the ghosts laugh. that she only keeled in fright twice was not too bad!

went to chinatown (again!) for supper and i'll always remember london nightlife. drunks puking everywhere and carrying each other. the lovely walk on bankside (do they turn off the lights?) discussion about why there's no lightning in london so you won't die even if you put up a pitchfork in the rain. finer points of the sandman. remembering gp bulletin!

and they moved the clocks back


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