just got back to london and was for a bit dreading going back to familiarity and school (come on! it's only week 2!) but i had only an hour of lectures today on consumer theory which resembled a geography lesson more, with utility contours and "indifference curves cannot cross!"

was looking for a line so that I'd be contactable, and was supposed to visit the embassy to renounce my Indonesian citizenship. but i ended up being so absorbed with shopping down Oxford Street that I lost track of time=). I got my phone after I was officially declared "creditworthy" by T-Mobile, which the shop owner was rather surprised as I was a student and all.

I guess the highlight though was another public lecture, though this was more by the St Paul's Institute rather than by LSE. Jeffrey Sachs came in from New York to kick off (or continue) the awareness program for the "makepovertyhistory" campaign. He was talking under the dome of St Paul's, which we managed to get in for free today simply because he was speaking. I am glad though that I am constantly fed such morsels of inspiration studying in London and it certainly makes a difference from what the economics lectures can teach you, and it's one of those moments I was glad I was studying in London.

Ended really late, went into a kebab shop nearby on Southwark Street. Friendly chap owns the restaurant, not so friendly drunk guy comes in passing racist comments about chinese. also gave the store owner a hard time, thinking he was so cool with his rap lines on how other races are messed up and how no one would dare to mess with him. of course not, you're drunk. grr.

i am up to my neck with things to do and am very tired. have tutorials to catch up on because of my weekend sojourn and hopefully the dust will clear soon.

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