my previous post about the rains is so not funny. it's been raining all the time... and i think it'll just get worse, it gets really dark by 6 and maybe daylight savings will help... but still... had to take a bus back from school because it was just not funny.

yeah. what've i been up to? playing soccer for one (hopefully will be able to go for nottingham games), and inspired by that, i went to visit arsenal football club. it's really nice how it's really right smack in the middle of a residential suburb in highbury, where people hang england flags from the window, little kids play football in arsenal jerseys and it must be really nice for the residents on match day. must be quite sad that they're moving to emirates stadium now.... oh well, progress, and at least i got to catch it still standing. they're playing sparta prague on tuesday.

posted more pics of canterbury. went for some japanese society party today looking for japanese chicks (no, kidding). but nice bento set and i'm lazy to get food nowadays. i hate how i get really red when i drink a bit and start walking about london.

and i found someone who adores tony leung! haha. lent my "in the mood for love" to her. oh... and i've been going out because i think i've been studying too much, but it's really scary, i'm making a habit of it and i realise everyone is studying much more than me now. back to work! it's interesting now, doing well-being for econ history, so we get to read dasgupta, sen, etc philosophizing abouthow we should measure well-being, which type of political economy is appropriate etc. maths... interesting, but sometimes am utterly lost. systems of linear equations and taylor's theorem. econs: hicks, slutsky decompositions, normal giffen goods, consumer theory. bleargh. stats: regression. and french and spanish to come.


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