silly silly jesse

my phone got swiped today... silly silly jesse. this is big bad london, where people are going to take your handphones.

no serious, was playing soccer next to the tate, maybe i wasn't thinking straight cause i had a drink in the afternoon but i brought my phone down. well so did the other players, but we thought it was really intelligent to hide them cleverly in jacket pockets. so clever, they'll never get to them!

then this dodgy guy came along, claiming to come from france and bamboozling us with his showboating. he pretended to be tired and played keeper and he did his deed. being the friendly banksiders we are, we are trusting and naive and always want to make new friends.

silly, silly jesse. oh well, i shall go incognito now. sort of like in the tube... and as you go up the escalator the orange adverts prompt you... "whatever would you do without a signal, reception, or by god, a phone. the horror!" well i know now, the first time i did something so stupid as to lose a phone.

luckily i've got some of my contacts backed up but i think i lost my uk numbers. and lucky it was prepay so he won't get far. anyway, people like insa have survived for forever without a phone so perhaps i will give myself a break from technology.

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