"Haste still pays haste, and leisure answers leisure;
Like doth quit like, and measure still for measure."

Duke Vincentio, Measure for Measure Act V.i

I enjoyed myself immensely at the Globe today, watching Measure for Measure, and I felt a certain amount of pity at the season coming to a close, and immense pleasure at managing to catch one of the last shows of the season. By all accounts, I can't claim to have really studied Measure for Measure (I remember one line only, which T.S Eliot snuck as a motto to one of his poems "Though hast neither youth nor age\but as it were; and after dinner's sleep\dreaming of both" and I had a really dismal view of Shakespearan comedy. But presented in the informal, raucous atmosphere of the theatre with the interaction of the audience and the stage, especially during the bawdy parts, meant it was probably the most enjoyable performances of shakespeare i've attended.

immense frustration to at immigration procedures, these things wear me down. and i just got an essay due next friday because there was a change in the timetable and i happen to be the first few presenters. bother.

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