i bought this cd by kate walsh, this essex girl, which promised someone coming on as janis joplin with a glass of southern comfort. maybe her first album was, thought i don't quite think so.

she reminds me of the girl with braces and rosy cheeks and the "don't hurt me voice." i like girls like that, who write about butterflies and rainbows and fireworks. even when they're singing about being the town slag or one night stands, they still sound like the world is made out of big lumps of sugar. you cannot bear to hurt creatures such as these. when she introduces her song as about when her ex boyfriend dumped her, your temptation to cringe is immediately disarmed as she says: "in some other concerts, they'd have said aww." awwww. then "i'm not bitter, no i'm not." and she starts singing, and all is forgiven.

it's not fair. she's so cute.

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