wicked awesome

this is a long overdue post

got sparked because this girl from georgia just emailed me. i met her at the globe and it started when we made eye contact, and we (i) didn't know what to do with it (typical) so she just came over to say hi, and remarked that asians sometimes can look really serious sometimes. anyhow, it did break the ice and i sure wish i had an ability like that.

she seemed unnaturally interested in asians though, as i left my name in her autograph book and impressed her with chinese characters.

merchant of venice speaks directly to me. i enjoyed it more than othello:
"he was wont to call me usurer, let him look to his bond." haha.

it's only a problem play insofar that that antonio's fate is left ambiguous and because of shylock's forced conversion, but i'm sure that wouldn't exactly be interpreted as tragedy. portia was brilliant, considering that the real portia fell sick and nerissa had to play portia and jessica had to play nerissa and jessica was well, jessica, and jessica had to meet nerissa in scene 5.

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