Operation Entebbe (another digression)

Heard about it from the Last King of Scotland.
If the US needs to learn how to do special ops, they should talk to the Mossad more, (although I'm sure they do)

Ok, our very own SAF's hijack response was pretty good too.

This is different class. 4 C130's flying to a foreign country landing with no ground control at night and about a platoon of men (mixed IDF/commando). included were 4 APC's which they used to take out Uganda's air force of fighters (11 mig 17's) sitting at the airport to cover their escape, 1 casualty, who was the commander of the op, because he tio ugandan sniper. (elder bro, very handsome, of benjamin netanyahu.) talk about making sure all your men are safe.
ugandan casualty = 45. and they fight on home ground. couple of grenades settle them.

just like prison break, israeli architects were involved in building entebbe airport and they were able to make a replica in 2-3 days, and mossad extensively interviewed freed passengers.

lesson: want to rule by force, make sure your armed forces not so chui. buy fighters get them to sit around. damn cmi.

after uganda tried to complain at the UN (what, after helping the hijacking?) chaim herzog retorted:

We come with a simple message to the Council: we are proud of what we have done because we have demonstrated to the world that a small country, in Israel's circumstances, with which the members of this Council are by now all too familiar, the dignity of man, human life and human freedom constitute the highest values. We are proud not only because we have saved the lives of over a hundred innocent people—men, women and children—but because of the significance of our act for the cause of human freedom.

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