musee marrakesh

mint tea

marrakshi sunset, with the adhan sounding over the city

road to ouarzazate

high atlas

amsterdam... pardon the digression, pretty good photo of her, which i neglected to pass to her. she's living it up in greece now. "la vie en rose" was not a particularly good film, but i like its theme. life is lived in moments. all this is just in-between. i am particulaly sceptical now about looking out for the future, etc. a whole year of it. today i want to live in the past. i miss the past. coming back to singapore. whatever lah, go talk about jobs and whatever you're going to do this summer and whatever, the reality is, i'm just doing what i'm going to do because i am afraid of being bored and just don't want to stay in the same place. i work to earn money. end of story. a reason, an aim? non, rien de rien.

ok, airport shot, lame.


horse, lame.

madrasah ali ben youssef

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