first insomnia post in a while

it's the last day of math camp tomorrow, after 3 weeks! i've managed to clear all my work, and i just have to do some revision for the exams next week... to be fair, i've covered most of the stuff before, differential equations, hamiltonians, bellman equations, markov processes, statistics, constrained optimization... just that the notation is slightly different and they added a few bells and whistles.

exams are next week, and i suspect that they won't be as crazy as past years. i think they learnt that trying to cram stuff down in 3 weeks and then setting a very hard exam is not very fair. it's pretty crazy, because if you're in school from 9 to 5 of course you're going to fall asleep during lecture, especially if most of the stuff is already in your lecture notes.

but i think it's been good for camaraderie and class banter. i've also learnt a lot from classmates who have come from other academic backgrounds.

in other news, i have been assigned all of my classes on friday. unfortunately i'm also assigned the last class of the week, friday 5-6 pm and that will really be a challenge because seriously, everyone is just waiting for the weekend. i also got 9-10 am and 12-1 (earliest class and lunchtime? i feel bullied), so they've given me these annoying blocks of free time which i hope they'll fill with my own classes. otherwise that la fitness gym membership is going to start being worth it.


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