just as i returned, there was an england u21 - portugal u21 match that they were struggling to sell tickets for, so they had one of those offers like our national stadium where you could go in for £10. i thought it was a pretty good offer for a match at wembley with quite a few premiership players on show and something to play for (a euro 2009 playoff place).

if the match is any indication, we shouldn't expect portugal's future to be bright. although it may very well be the case that they graduate many of their junior players to the senior squad already. england u21 appear to be trying to pass the ball, which they can do quite well. however, in pace, power and physique off the ball they seem to be that much stronger... agbonlahor was single-handedly owning the entire portuguese defence. so the temptation is there to just keep lofting it to chase. but well portuguese guys, that's why you should stop diving and learn to bulk up like a certain c. ronaldo.

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