from a wiser head

"there was a certain distance from economic reality which allowed some of this bubble in my view, and that is why your take (or mine) is as good as those who got too lost in the beauty of these deliberately opaque financial instruments. and the question really is, what has all this got to do with the real economy? anybody who has clear answers to that is probably a charlatan.

in the middle of all this, an ec400 exam must seem odd. i find it interesting how the world goes on now -- although my experience with other historic events is that most ordinary people do just get on with their lives"

it fits my intuition. things are not going to be good, but i doubt we will have to push apple carts on the streets, if we are sensible and avoid hyperinflation and commercial bank runs. i think our generation simply has to get used to the fact that growth cannot be taken for granted, and we are not all going to get rich quickly and painlessly.

by the way... push email. pros and cons. i now reply to emails INSANELY quickly, because it is like text messaging and having a conversation. but it is rather distracting to have something beep everytime you get a message. it steals time away from you, slowly, despite the trappings of convenience it provides. i think perhaps it is better to get all the email writing done at once, although it is nice to read emails as soon as they are sent (so you can reply if they are urgent, or you can mull over them on your bus ride back)

you know what else is killing me? freeview. 40 free digital channels.

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