i submitted my teaching application yesterday for ec102 and ec100. let's hope all goes well. then i won't be able to complain about the teaching anymore, i'll have a few extra bucks to spend and i'll feel more productive. i met up with dr shapiro again and discussion about the credit crunch aside, i always enjoy being regaled with stories of how chicago, being able to take a cab to work on a TA allowance then, and stories of the great depression. to be fair, crises like these have me reaching out for the econ history books more than the models.

prison break episode 4, sarah is in the bar drowning her sorrows and asks, "is all life a tragedy?" sarah and michael have something on about getting together "one day", and michael says "one day is today!"

if i've felt a little uptight recently or keep railing or moaning more than i need to, it's because i see where i need to be and getting there seems a little difficult. having something in the future to hold on to, to work towards, has undoubtedly been better for me in terms of being more serious in my work. but it generally makes me an unhappy person. i need to swing back towards some of that "it's today, you're alive" thinking. especially in the midst of all this worry and panic, it is worth noting that thus far things have held up very well. if the world is paralysed by fear, it is important to keep your head. the markets have solved many things but not human psychology. the AIG ad wasn't sarcasm. i thought it was quite good.

p/s spurs are rubbish. and i have a special place in my heart for liverpool street station. it reminds me of all the trips i had to make there. really, london is special to me.

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