had an introductory soccer game today at hyde park. many south americans. but my hypothesis was true in general. if you're on a postgraduate degree in economics, then your soccer can't be that good. they were decent, not great, which is why we're all studying economics rather than doing something more fun. was the only asian there though. hypothesis 2: skinnier than average people have a comparative advantage in soccer, although maradona is the exception which disproves the rule.

i don't think peak oil will come in my generation. i think peak "spring from the ground" at $1 per barrel or less extraction cost oil has come... but look at all those unconventional sources! plus, i think the british may be pissed off enough to start up more nuclear plants.

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mich said...

you forget ronaldo, the one that's not a prick

also you have a skewed sample. econs postgrads strike me as a skinny bunch.