And of course after that came my posting to 6 Div. I guess the most interesting part of it all was being involved in NDP, and by some coincidence in Publications & Public Relations... where I got to see how creative people function, and I sort of liked it because it was putting something together, writing, photography. And of course there was all that tying down and liasing with people, which I had to be quite a bastard about sometimes because you can be pretty low in people's list of priorities sometimes. It was refreshing to work with interns (those sweet young things) and journalists for a change. And basically there was variety in the stuff I did. And also the military function, manpower, but I guess it's pretty difficult to describe what I did, it was really rather random, anything involving people.

Yeah but I probably wrote about this all recently... It's all too recent... But I guess I do have to acknowledge that being in the army did provide me with a lot of training. And so, at long last, I can turn the page and everything will be magically and fantastically different from now on.

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