I could have stayed at home and continued working on my papers... especially since no one seemed really interested in Debi's birthday anymore, initially, during the day.

I'm so glad I got off my butt and went. And perhaps everyone who did too. Because too all of us, "age is just a number", "oh it's only my 21st birthday", it's no big deal.

Which is true because it can seem like "oh there's nothing much to do in singapore", "there's nothing to talk about"... and we can all be tired and just feel like staying at home, or perhaps "i've been out too much the past few days", and sometimes putting on some clothes and getting out of the house is just too mundane.

And for every utterly meaningless, boring gathering we go for, we're rewarded with a nice small gathering of people, small in number but great in spirit, reluctant souls confronted with the night and the reality of being out and celebrating someone's birthday. And I guess we all had fun in our own little way and it was meaningful because we're not apart. "And making someone happier." We can only presume.

I think it's all so romantic... how masochistic.

Luckily I wasn't brutal tonight.

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