Came across this while preparing worksheets for cute little p3 children which I'll never see. i love the things we teach our kids nowadays!

Badger was always ready to lend a helping paw to his neighbours and friends. He was very old and wise. Badger was so old that he knew he would die soon.
Badger was not afraid of death. Dying meant only that he would leave his body behind. As his body did not work as well as it had, Badger was not too concerned about that. His only worry was how his friends would feel when he was gone. Hoping to prepare them, Badger had told them that someday soon he would be going down the long tunnel. He hoped that they would not be too sad when it happened.
One day, as Badger was watching Mole and Frog race down the hillside, he felt especially tired. He wished more than anything that he could run with them. He watched Mole and Frog for a long time, enjoying the sight of his friends having a good time.
It was late when he arrived home. He had his supper and then sat down at his desk to write a letter:
�Dear Mole and Frog,
It is time for me to leave you. Please don�t be sad.
When he had finished, he settled down in his rocking chair near the fire. He gently rocked himself to and fro and soon was fast asleep. Badger never woke up.

Adapted from �Badger�s Parting Gift� by Susan Varley

Yeah this is what I'll be doing for the next couple of weeks or so.

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