Specialisation and the Division of Thought.

People used to rear chickens and grow vegetables in their backyard. They sewed their own clothing and mended their own shoes. And if they were serfs, or slaves, then they did the same for their feudal lords too.

A Scottish lad by the name of Adam Smith had an idea, or rather, he described a rather intelligent phenomenon. "I reckon," said he, "that the making of a pin could be divided into eighteen distinct operations by 10 men. They would be able to make about 48,000 pins, or 4,800 pins. If each pin were to be individually produced, it is scarcely likely that 1 pin a day could be managed by each man."
(quotes random, take my paraphrasing with a pinch of salt)

And so we have Model T & the wonders of an industrial, capitalist world.

It occurs to me, that in this world of mine, that people shouldn't bother with moderation. Maybe, I should do away with my philosophy of looking on both sides, or even multiple facets of an issue, or even deal with many different complex emotions. If we were to think through every thought individually, my word, we'd never finish thinking through life. We should have people like Plath, who think of nothing but sorrowful and suicide-inducing poetry (god bless her memory), we should have professional psychos to think psycho, revolutionary thoughts, out and out judges who think solely on the basis of jurisprudence, entertainers who always think happy thoughts and write the most laughable and fun poetry. You see, once people are in a certain mood, it is more productive for their art to keep them that way... for greater force and sustenance. That way, we'd have the best poetry, we'd have the happiest poetry written by the happiest people, and the saddest ones by the most depressed, and Human Culture as it is would advance into a new Golden Age, rather than the fudging neuroses which afflict many of us today.


Anonymous said...

Why do we have to have the best poetry, or the best anything at all?

Jesse said...

i don't know, 'best' = smartest, most kick-ass, richest, happiest, saddest, most extreme, most desirable state of affairs? by definition.