yay! i finally will get my wish and get to teach the eager young minds of tomorrow. but perhaps they're not all that eager and maybe they don't really care. still it's their world so all the best to them. i can't even remember the last time i was a schoolboy with shorts.

met the other ie scholars and all and it was a rather ra-ra morale boosting session (i like the rec room!), but all good. what's getting me excited is my course and i've switched to doing more reading and less math (got a bit boring), going through "the european economy between the wars", which, considering i haven't touched history since sec 2, really interesting, but mainly because i didn't get to do modern world history so i had to read it up mostly on my own and i guess it's just sheer curiosity as to how the world got to how it is and i'm all the more convinced now that I have to do the EH option in my 1st year. Seeing how all the books seem to be Oxford University Press makes me a bit miffed I'm not in Oxford but I remind myself Oxford doesn't offer econs (PPE is not econs!) and perhaps that will make me not feel so bad about missing out on the manicured lawns in front of medieval buildings. give me a 10 storey social science library anytime!

a few more pre-departure things to settle (and let this be a reminder to myself), TB and meningitis jab, a bit of shopping, visa app, and preparing for teaching. organise farewell, write farewells? and need to sleep, on top of all that!

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