the weekend finally rolls around and with 3 weeks or such before I leave, I know I really should be preparing for leaving (you know, notice the stuff I haven't noticed before, appreciate the people around me, go shopping for things, things we should do daily but we don't). I don't know about the first 2, but for the 3rd requirement, in a globalised world such as ours, there's no problem whatsoever with popping over to our friendly neighbours for a dose of shopping.

but no, i was really just very excited to get a stamp on my spanking new unused singaporean passport which currently only has a british entry clearance on it. 90+ pages, yet pristinely blank. have got to go overseas!

so myself and alex and chanlek (who's motive really was just to renew his damn stay in s'pore) pop over to jb (but we don't really know anything about it). Just sit on 170 like us dumbfucks until chan lek takes causeway link and reaches there eons before us.

chaos and dust! lovely. what a breath of fresh air. after taking 2 hours to clear immigration (oh nothing really, the thais have to take the prize for causing huge impatience and distress), just walk around the only streets we know, jln tun abdul razak and jln wong ah fook. had to settle lunch so we ate indian food. and then we just went shopping. how exciting.

but plenty of roadside food stalls (you know, the time where food centres were actually hawker centres, where there were push carts and everything, and policemen wore shorts, and where singaporeans were actually more resilient you know!), but in order to avoid sounding like an old man, i mean, the people are the same really, but you just have to step across the border to be reminded of the differences in social organization that exist.

and, in case you avoided the subtle product placement in my post, we took the SBS TRANSIT 170 to bt timah before we decided we really needed to eat chicken rice before we go so we went to WEE NAM KEE to eat their fantastic chicken. and talk about politics and watch fucking chelsea get 3 points for free. not to mention watching highly educational bollywood film about sai baba and his magic kris who was saved from the pyre by a water spouting elephant, and the episode of saturday night live where they had paris hilton in it. lovely.

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helianthus said...

HEY!!! i wanna go malaysia too!
the fact is, i also collected my NEW! NEW! passport jus a few days ago!!!!! had to make a new one for my school fieldtrip and the old one has been expired for 2 years and carried the picture of me when i was nine. imagine that....