what would be really cool, is if all the students broke out into:

"we don't need no education!
we don't need no mind-control!
no dark sarcasm, in the classroom!
teachers, leave us kids alone!

don't need no arms around me
don't need no drugs to calm me
i've seen the writing on the wall
don't think i'll need anything at all
all in all, was all just bricks in the wall"

mmm, yes, music teachers making kids listen to pink floyd and the little anarchists running around all the place. student protestors hanging the principal from his guts as he swings like a pinata from the flagpole. and they're all smoking joints to tripping music instead of studying hard and well.

honestly, hope you enjoyed school, i didn't enjoy all of it (especially when i was much younger) . i also hope, for the sake of teachers everywhere, that students can't bring guns to school.

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