it's all fun and games with science (yes you promise that science is fun, yada yada yda) until someone decides to set insanely difficult questions and fuck the brains out of everyone. and of course i feel bad because i haven't adequately prepared everyone.

not that i don't mention it or teach it in class but i think it always flies over their heads and when i stay back to teach it's usually only the more motivated ones (or those with tuition outside) who get it. So I can only give the papers and say, good luck, and as Sherlock Holmes used to say, once you're done eliminating the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable is usually the truth (and the correct answer).

I am really pissed off now so I am going to teach them IUPAC nomenclature if that's what they want. It's so unfair to set O level questions for Sec 1s.

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Anonymous said...

IUPAC nomenclature? it doesn't even sound O's to me..