Looking at the pain and turmoil of some of those around me, I wanted to lie in bed the whole day and not move. Going to church would help, but I thought I would spite God a little for not being fair. It's the response of a selfish child.

Maybe writing a post about the unfairness of it all would help, but without any work left to occupy me during this period, I found myself having to drag out something useful to do then rail against some random dark cloud. I found it in my Calculus Refreshers. Despite the torrid weather of the past few days which induced some sort of a flu, plus a little maltreatment of my body (lousy hours, smoke, shots of espresso), the weather today was better, leaving me to open the window and just bask in the heat, (heat I could very well miss). Slowly, (and it is already 2.45 pm now), the lovelier moments return, and i am reminded how blessed it is just to lounge around your bed at home doing mathematics at your own pace, and occasionally resorting to the internet in less-disciplined spells.

i had almost forgotten what school holidays were like. to all who seek some kind of solace, i hope you found it at least for today, and yes, you're right.

there is always someone left behind.

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