it's a bit quiet, just met a couple of s'poreans who've arrived already, who offered me bread (thanks, but i need meat) and they looked rather jet-lagged, and my flatmate/neighbour (we share the toilet, a small common area and the main door, but we have each our own rooms), insa, bubbly german-korean from rhineland (westphalia), turns out she's been a good 2 days before me and spent her time today wandering around lse, so only bumped into her in the afternoon. of course, first things first, so we have to settle a mutually binding contract to assassinate each other in our sleep if we take too long in the toilet. and yes you can leave your stuff inside. majoring in anthropology. as you can see, we have so much in common. but it's good, all so cosmopolitan! now i know what shampoo instructions are in german and have a partner for exploring london.

so it's not too bad, been a little quiet, difficult to find good rate food, have nice bright orange bedsheets and can't really sleep. when i've more energy i'll bounce around more, though i already gave the tate modern/millenium bridge area a look over in my quest for food. and yes photos soon.

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