met up with quite a few singaporeans, zhirong, lubna and michelle on the way to school today. was a rather uneventful day today, just got some preliminary reading from the used bookstore to take home and spend some time productively. but of course jack welch from ge came down to lse, and everyone wanted to see him. and there was a good-sized queue at the old theatre

"you're gonna get a degree from lse and be ready to swing, so why be cautious!"

well i would be, mainly because of some in-built humility and that tad fear of embarassment, but all in all it was a rather ra-ra talk and i'm really surprised someone like him would sit in a small theatre seating maybe 200 at the most, and give a nice intimate public dialogue, and of course the questions keep coming, there doesn't seem to be an awe of great public figures here. and of course, the banter between the chair, mr welch and the audience did keep us all entertained, as one of the symbols of corporate america answered questions on corporate ethics and responsibility, free-market economics and the education of inner city kids. the indians seemed to enjoy themselves the most because ge is a huge thing in india, employing maybe 35,000 people in high value jobs like r&d.

had good bee hoon for dinner, and after that the lazy hours basically just floated away.


chanchan said...

OH wow jack welsh talking on corporate ethics, i sense ironic sense of humour on the part of the organizers lol.
company that inflate profits by cutting workforce mercilessly, reducing investment, pollute the rivers, build and test nuclear bombs, cheat govt and lobby congress republicans and suck up to Bush....i hope the crowd gave him a hard time. Pah!

Msn said...

hi... i like your blog :-)

Jesse said...

oh they did. they did. but he was one for it, he did give our chair (dr matt mulford a whale of a time.)

at the end, it was like

dr: "i don't know how much it means to you, but we're giving you this cap which we've presented to dignitaries such as mr clinton, blair and annan, who're probably all govt bureaucrats."

welch (off-handedly): "yeah, well, you were good today"

dr : "you were good too"