after the insane day of walking yesterday, slept in a bit later. had cereal with sliced fruit for breakfast, it certainly is cheaper than the mush they sell for breakfast in the cafeteria (it's half decent yes, but it's 2 pounds 50)

headed to school, where the graduate students were all registering, so there was a bit of a buzz. met the whole "indian mafia" that anu and co. introduced us to, and taught everyone a bit of chinese.

headed to the blpes (british library of political and economic science) on campus to explore it in greater detail today. it was fun using the spiral staircases for a while but soon the novelty wore off and we appreciated the speedy lifts (zoom!)

well, shelves upon shelves of dusty periodicals from various countries, and some of the books were really rather old. got what i needed from the course collection and headed to the top floor, where it was a bit dark and quiet to set out on some of my preliminary reading for economics, and some for demographics while insa read some anthropology thing. what is anthropology? there's ethnography, with the investigations of people from madagascar and all that, and maybe it's the study of culture? don't really understand it, it is the study of humans, but it seems to adopt a different approach from sociology.

of course i just ate on campus, some lamb rubbish. headed off to tottenham court road to get some speakers, and managed to find some after much browsing. then got a payg sim from t-mobile, and my number is +4407908334761 (very long)!

had some well-deserved sleep, when i got up it was 5 and about time to prepare for dinner. popped over to tesco's, which is larger and cheaper than sainsbury's but it involves having to cross southwark bridge and walking east to eastchapel road, along the way we passed the monument to the great fire of 1666 as well as london bridge. picked up pasta, tomato and mushroom sauce, some seasoning, vegetables for the salad and dressing.

did the cooking, luckily pasta is easy (and had to beg for pots and pans from fellow students, and i asked xiaoxia cause she's chinese=p). have to head down and buy some soon. cooked up some pasta while insa did the salad. all had a hot meal and enjoyed ourselves. and now i'm bumming around the net. lovely.

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