i realise that i should be writing farewells and probably reminiscing on times spent in singapore and all the places which are flashing by me as i prepare to leave for a few years.

but i don't think i'd do it justice if i'm half distracted by packing so maybe when times are quieter...

but i broke my silence to talk about dhl. had to drive all the way to jurong to take advantage of the student fare. but as i lugged my jumbo box into the logistics centre i had a great kick when the guy told me i could just put it on the rollers and watch it roll to the other end of the warehouse. and i realize that maybe this it what men are made for. all the years of arranging railway tracks as a kid! i felt like a kid again. and the service people were quite friendly, helping me out with my bulky box and all, filling up all the weird forms.

and this real kick you have when every tiny box is labelled and the time's recorded in 24 hr clock format every time it leaves/arrives at a place. like oooh! my package has now left for central hub, s'pore. oooh, it's leaving on a plane to lambeth right now.

i must do something like that some day.

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