I've been reading a bit more about Asperger's syndrome and it sort of reinvigorated my interest in psychology and everything, especially since it seems to be useful in dealing with people who react atypically to social situations, like the person who doesn't speak in class.

I was first informed about it by a psychologist friend of mind, who used to work with autists. Why it's always been so interesting to me is because, it seems to me conclusive evidence of the power of the brain. Why do people have edeitic memory? Obsessive compulsions? Now, we're all fond of prescribing neuroses (although the danger of self-diagnosis is ever apparent). But to me, all these "syndromes" just show what happens if we take our little idiosyncracies to their logical conclusion. For example, Asperger's seems to be an extension for what would happen if the "male" intelligence were to dominate over "female" aspects of the mind. if it sounds a bit withc doctor-ish, don't take my word for it, look ti up on wikipedia.

and, and meanwhile, lip has given me an econs question, which absorbs my concentration for the next few moments=)

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