fear china!

america's next top model has gone to china! credit crunch means no money to pay pretty girls to walk around and parade expensive stuff and so there is no stopping the huge money-hoovering capitalist paradise that is china... people, sell thyself! from la to shanghai to the fashion capital of china.... beijing.

but hey do they feel good or what... it's the olympics tomorrow and a vigorous month of sports available to couch potato to.


legend has it that towards the end of his life, howard hughes had such a mistrust for his fellow man that he refused to deal with anyone unless they were a mormon... i run into many of them on my way to the alliance... and i must say i share his sentiments. i've listened to them and not only do they sound honest, they evangelize in the friendliest and non-threatening way possible... i know appearances can deceive, but how do they do it! they are nice without being sycophantic, and they know when to lay off... others... please learn!

and standing underneath the glass triangular cone of wheelock place while it is raining is profoundly beautiful


i had a bunch of vouchers today and i managed to find michelle's old waterbottle. i missed my yellow asics racers which i had all those years ago in the army and i tried to find another pair... i decided to just get the trainers though because they seem to be insanely light nowadays... basically i bought the lightest one (nike zoom+ victory), it's basically almost as light as a racer except it has that layer of foam to "protect" you.

will be going for SBR 10km on the 24th, but i think i can't register for the nike 10k anymore.


introductions on lse postgrad forum today... everyone seems overeducated (xx degrees in this and that before) and it does seem more diverse than undergrad... although, i must say, asians are under-represented! we'll see how it turns out

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