ippt's coming up in 2 days. i've been running a route which i've crafted since my jc days... it goes by chinese high, goes into namly avenue, passed by the hwa chong boarding school and SIM which is wonderfully lighted, some MP's (or is it the SM's) house past the guards, down into the playground where there are some maids usually having a quiet prayer sessions... there's a cafe set in an old row of shops there called la roma which is lit very well, and it reminds me of a restaurant we ate at at louang prabang (was reminded of it because someone i know is going to work there). i would love to have a cafe just opposite my place which opens till 10. i do like to read and talk outside my home.

the whole place still feels the same from when i was training for an ippt gold to get a 3 month exemption from NS fitness training. i even remember the walk back when i would think of all my crushes and be really sad about them. heh.

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