well there's awesome olympics coverage here in singapore... 6 different channels + mediacorp... si i've been lazing away today at michelle's place watching sports i would ordinarily never watch like cycling, handball and beach volleyball.

the olympics always seems to be a good old-fashioned event which broadcasters do for free... just like the old days.. but remember channel 7 sportscity on tcs? no, didn't think so.

what an awesome opening ceremony... and the gratuitous use of energy and people, it seemed like one of those old good-fashioned cold war national day celebrations designed to show how they had enough people to drown you out (or carry your sedans)... the poor british must be quaking in their books coming up with a suitable response for 2012.
i was reading up on the airbus a380 as part of my aerospace assignment, and i am reminded once again how my first a380 flight was not the mind-shattering experience i thought it would be... i remember watching the initial documentaries on how there would be a little atrium where you could walk around and stretch your legs, but they used it to add more seats... i guess on economy you can't expand anything much... a huge screen and incrementally more legroom + a beige decor which i have long advocated (doesn't purple depress you), but nothing revolutionary (it feels like an emirates 747). but thank god sia has good service and is rarely late (and a hub that is not too crowded). anyway, emirates is going to have showers on their suites! this is an airline that wants to consider shedding in-flight magazines and duty-free shopping to save weight and they want to lug around all that hot water...

MSNBC wins for best website for the olympics though... i like info like what the race course is like

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