i cannot do something that bill clinton is a master at:

speak slowly in clear simply language, framing things into good and bad while explaining economic issues, and most importantly, sound enthusiastic and passionate without coming across as scarily so like joe biden... look at the body language...always laughing, shifting his shoulders, looking relaxed... you want to be his friend. when biden points, it looks like a headmaster doing it, while bill clinton speaks at a slower cadence, so when he moves his finger to the words, it looks like a conductor. his head rolls from side to side, and having a voice and a southern accent doesn't hurt as well. he did a fantastic job explaining why the other party shouldn't be voted for, while always smiling and speaking like it's nothing personal except that their policies happened to suck. i love people who attack behind a smile!


i watched obama's DNC 04 speech, which was hailed as a masterclass. probably for the content, not the delivery. i realized that these things come with practice. obama's delivery now is x times better than he was then... he still spoke a little too quickly and didn't play to the crowd, his voice doesn't have the same tenor it has now. you can see the nerves and the urge to just get through his content, such that he talks over applause. so you see, american campaign speech training is the best in the world. although PM's Questions in the UK and Boris Johnson take the prizes for wittiest speeches.

and especially for bill clinton and obama, it helps when you're winning, have a track record and a favourable audience. after all, you can take as much time as you like when you're the big shot.

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