"when the going gets tough, the tough lower their standards"

unanswered questions.

not quite the standard advice for life, but this is from "street-fighting mathematics", a short course from MIT, again on problem-solving heuristics. If anyone wants to learn a few cheap tricks to help you can learn them here... only jc maths needed.


a question for you, courtesy of w.b. yeats

The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

Why might this be the case?

From the Second Coming by W.B Yeats.

putting a more positive spin

The best have more humility,
while the worst are ranty and ravy.

jokes aside, it is a common stereotype nowadays, so is there truth to it?

Why is there the hollow between cubicles which is reportedly used as a signal for homosexual sex?

lastly, i found the google decision mechanism which is well used at guardian sports, but i found this instance at another blog.

i should _____ her (3.63 million)
i shouldn't _____ her (573,000)

so i should.

guess the verb.

**rereading my post i realized that the above few lines could be easily misconstrued... no i am not trying to make a real decision and it is merely an illustrative example.

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