"as protection against financial illusion, memory is better than law"
j.k. galbraith, the great crash of 1929.

we forgot dynamism and growth, we had thatcher and reagan. and we forgot prudence, and we have... fdr?

also on tv: "politics is nothing but the pursuit of power. i was ruthless with getting rid of people."
- ken livingstone, on why he bears no grudges against people like peter mandelson

wow, what honesty!


mich said...

"politics is the pursuit of power" is a standard definition in political science. not as earth-shattering as you think.

Jesse said...

yeah, but i like how in the uk when you ask someone why they did something, they reply: "oh, political expediency, don't you know that"

it's the only country where in parliament when someone tries to brief david cameron on something he goes "well, i know that, i got a first, you know!"

british elitism is alive and well

while in the us they go on this moral charade