i was made to feel very mediocre today by a song.

1000 oceans has been on my ipod playlist forever. i liked it a while when i was still in school, but then my mind filed it away as a general "sad song, never to be played again" when i got over it and i was sick of listening to melancholic songs on journeys in the belief that it generally made me a very unpleasant person.

of course i listened to the song one full run today instead of skipping past it. (i was also listening to take that). my first thoughts were, ok geez, this sounds quite nice. how do you write something that nice? and i thought that it must be a lot of trouble to compose something which sounds nice enough and put it out to the world. then i had a very randian thought about how most of us associate ourselves with mediocrity and like to hum along to other people's songs. and i felt sad, as i guess the song was meant to make me feel.

then i read how she came up with the song. if it's real, it's certainly very enviable. oh yes, "home had to be in G" and an "african woman was singing to me at 5.30 am in the morning"


gifts. what most of us would kill to have.

yay! 24 and an emo post.

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