the power of hunger, part 2

hunger is a very powerful thing. it can lead you to hoard, in the hope you will never be hungry again.

i bought myself a mountain of food. i wish to surround myself in the comfort of carbohydrates and the security of snacks. and none of that mars bars stuff. in comes milk, cereal, bread, fruits, pasta, tea and other fine products of the agricultural revolution from all across the empire.

i shall never go hungry again.


mich said...

go scarlett!

jokes aside, awful stuff. i had a few of those nights in lilian knowles ... well ok, i had the vending machine. maybe that's why i never learned.

Jesse said...

very clever. i didn't realize i had indirectly paraphrased gone with the wind. but i think that's the power of culture isn't it, you pick up these things which you watched in some fi;m sometime.